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Twenty-seven animals (mostly horses, chickens, and sheep) are in Heaven now, wondering why their last few months on Earth got so weird all of a sudden. :(   Read Story »
Remember on Kid Nation when Taylor, the beauty queen, wanted to kill that chicken so bad, and she kept saying, "ugly chickens DESERVE to die!," but then later she said producers actually fed her that…   Read Story »
I'll give you all a moment for the inevitable applause break following that Pulitzer Prize nominated headline before we get into the story. [Applause Break. Shouts of "Goooood headline!" ring out.]…   Read Story »
In the great Jennifer Lawrence VS Miley Cyrus feud (I mean WAR) of 2012, the majority of war voters chose Jennifer Lawrence, Kate from The Hunger Grahams, as war winner. An understandable choice when…   Read Story »
WARNING: there are some pretty graphic images of animals dying starting at 1:22. ADDITIONAL WARNING: there are some pretty graphic images of Courtney Stodden starting at 0:01. Oh brother.…   Read Story »
I'm not that big of a fan of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals organization. It's not that I don't want animals to be treated ethically. The opposite in fact. If someone were to stop me…   Read Story »
Oh, look, it's a new Peta ad starring Twilight's own Christian Serrato. It's very effective, I'm sure, since it combines an interest in the ethical treatment of animals with everyone's first love of…   Read Story »
PETA made a SuperBowl commercial starring hot women making out with vegetables, and now they claim it was "banned" by NBC. But everyone is calling bullshit publicity stunt on them. Here's the…   Read Story »