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Well, this is exciting. After all of the anticipation over Beyonce being hired as the Pepsi spokeswoman and then Taylor Swift getting hired as the Diet Coke spokeswoman, it was excruciating to have…   Read Story »
It has long been known that Hollywood was a Bad Idea Factory. You know it, I know it, your mom knows it, Billy Bush knows it. Hell, Billy Bush is the foreman! From the multi-million dollar budgeted,…   Read Story »
The 2-liter Pepsi bottle blew out the candles and headed into its sleeping chambers. A light breeze made the diaphanous curtains dance in the streaming moonlight. The 2-liter Pepsi bottle removed its…   Read Story »
Um. This news is everywhere this morning? And so now this news is here. Apparently it's important. God forbid you guys somehow don't hear about it. I think it's generation-defining. It goes JFK, Neil…   Read Story »
The cutest little baby raccoons got stuck in a vending machine in Tulsa over the weekend, so the nice people who found them called a guy named "The Skunk Whisperer" to get them out. But the important…   Read Story »
Look, an online Super Bowl party is lame. Period. Barack Obama could host it with Fleet Foxes as the house band and it would still be a sad drag. "Fun" and "buffering..." do not mix. But keeping it…   Read Story »