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Um. Okay. Did everyone else die? NOT trying to be a jerk about Adam Levine's win at all, I'm so happy for him and for his beautiful fiancée Behati Prinsloo, but I just want to make sure I write out…   Read Story »
Ah, it looks like the rumors were true -- hunky heart-throb Channing Tatum has been selected People's "Sexiest Man Alive" of 2012, taking over the title most recently given to Bradley Cooper by…   Read Story »
The world's most selfless and down-to-Earth woman wins its most noble and meaningful award.   Read Story »
People Magazine's yearly declaration of the "sexiest man alive" is one of the world's most important and sought-after things that a magazine no one cares about can call you. Last year the winner was…   Read Story »
Ryan Gosling barely even noticed as a rotten head of lettuce smashed into his face and slopped onto the ground. The taunting shouts of the neighborhood children fell on deaf ears. There was a time…   Read Story »
It's true that you've done some questionable things in the past. You wouldn't even chalk all of them up to learning experiences -- some of them are just clear, regrettable mistakes that you can't…   Read Story »
People announced their annual Sexiest Man Alive issue today, and the winner is Bradley Cooper. Let's just table that for a second. But we are definitely going to come back to that. Bradley Cooper's…   Read Story »