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What you're looking at is the FIRST LOOK (though really it's the second look, because there was one unofficial look released a few months ago, but this is certainly the first official look) at Daniel…   Read Story »
It looks like everyone's favorite Gossip Girl (after Chuck) is going to be playing everyone's favorite tragic handsome musician (after Kurt Cobain). Penn Badgley beat out Robert Pattinson and James…   Read Story »
Oh, good morning. Jenny comes out into the kitchen wearing nothing but a man's oxford shirt. Nate offers to make pancakes. WHAT IS THIS? I guess Jenny just slept over. At Chuck's penthouse apartment.…   Read Story »
This week, it is all about whether or not Chuck and Blair will stay together. Oh gosh, I'm going to need a new seat, because I wore out the edge of this one. I think we can all agree that there is…   Read Story »