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So this video of a naked guy who was previously dressed as a wizard getting tased by cops at Coachella last weekend is getting pretty big (contains wizard nudity): The naked wizard should go on…   Read Story »
The MTV Movie Awards promo starring Jack Black, Michael Cera, and host Andy Samberg that they're showing on TV was funny, but this version is even funnier: Is it wrong that I'm actually looking…   Read Story »
Shawn Johnson, whoever that is, found herself in dangerous proximity last night to what can only be described as the most unambiguous boner ever to appear during the family hour. Oops. Yep. Ha!   Read Story »
We're all in middle school still, right? Good. Penis penis penis!: It's also notable that the title of the story is "Nuts On Northwest Flights." 8th grade is going to be so fun!   Read Story »
Do you ever wonder how the horny guys on the Craig's List's "Casual Encounters" section capture their own wangs on film with such apparent authenticity? Wonder no more, because it's Bob Odenkirk and…   Read Story »
(UPDATE: video is back up.)In the spirit of trying to bring you all the televised full frontal nudity that's fit to blog, Fox accidentally broadcast a naked football player in a locker room after a…   Read Story »
Remember Marcus from Survivor: Gabon, who suffered an unfortunate penile "tip slip" that made it to air in the premiere last week? By way of defending their network standards, CBS has put out a press…   Read Story »
I didn't catch the premiere of Survivor: Gabon last night, but according to our friends at FeyFriends, a contestant named Marcus lost brief control of his thingy while running in some sort of race of…   Read Story »
Cop 1: So I says to the guy, 'If you don't get your hands on the wheel where I can see 'em, you won't have any hands.' Because I was going to shoot the guy's hands. I mean, I wasn't really going to…   Read Story »
I've never seen any Harry Potter movies or read any Harry Potter books, but I do have the same innate curiosity about the private parts of famous people as anyone else in the world, probably even…   Read Story »