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Ashton Kutcher's Spread trailer, you guys: Whoa. After seeing the Spread poster I thought that the movie looked awful, but it turns out I had no idea. What an awful, AWFUL looking movie. Yuck.…   Read Story »
Michael Bay opened his walk-in bomber jacket closet and looked at the endless racks of bomber jackets. "What'll it be, Chief?" he said to himself. He picked out a dark bomber jacket with crackled…   Read Story »
Early reviews of Transformers 2 have been coming out all week, and it seems almost unanimous that this is probably if not the best movie ever made, then at least the most thoughtful and intelligent.…   Read Story »
Needless to say, your penis enlargement system is NSFW. TRULY. You know a penis enlargement system is super pro when it comes with a CD ROM. Kiss your concerns of this being a dangerous,…   Read Story »
Gross, Gillette. It's one thing when Kyan Douglas encourages guys to do a little "manscaping," because it's 2002 and America is just getting over SEPTEMBER 11TH by taking better care of ourselves,…   Read Story »
HBO has a new show coming out called Hung about a school teacher who becomes a prostitute. It is supposed to be quirky and lightly comic. Well that just sounds awful. Here is the trailer, you guys.…   Read Story »
The dim, cinder block hallway of the community college's Davidson Building was a sickly medicinal green with yellow-faded linoleum floors, and fluorescent lights that gave off a faint but insistent…   Read Story »
So this is how the Great Penis Off of 2009 ends. You may recall that Terminator:Salvation director McG, who despite his name is actually an adult, challenged Transformers 2 director Michael Bay to a…   Read Story »
lindsay: Who do you think actually has a bigger penis, McG or Michael Bay? gabe: hmmm gabe: who do I barf has a bigger barf, barf or barf? gabe: is that your question? lindsay: Someone needs to start…   Read Story »
It is already well established that McG is the worst, and that Michael Bay is the worst, independent of each other. But now they are going head to head in a race to see who can be the absolute worst.…   Read Story »