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Last night, a friend who hasn't seen any of the most recent season of Mad Men googled "Mad Men," or something, to find out what season they're up to (Season 5) and in .5 seconds had the entire season…   Read Story »
Aww, Elisabeth Moss and Fred Armisen are reportedly engaged. As long as Elisabeth doesn't make Fred move to Los Angeles when Mad Men starts filming again, this news is adorable.   Read Story »
Elisabeth Moss was in a stage production of "Gypsy" with Tony Shaloub and Bette Midler when she was a kid in 1993. She sings and dances! It's weird, because she's Peggy: Sorry, that might be for…   Read Story »
The Mad Men finale happened, and after weeks of tension, Grand Gesture-Watch '62 finally came to an end. What a long, strange, long, long, too long, too many awkward pauses trip it's been. The soap…   Read Story »
Remember that episode of The Sopranos where Tony got shot and the entire episode was his coma dream about what his life would be like if he were a salesman instead of a mobster? This episode was that…   Read Story »
I don't know if Marilyn Monroe had to go ahead and die, or if someone had to pee their pants or WHAT, but last night's Mad Men was not only the best episode so far, it was like they got a new writer…   Read Story »
Mad Men's Junior Copywriter even-though-she's-a-chick Peggy Olson is such a know-it-all. And why wouldn't she? She can be too smug at times, but I guess she has to be because it's 1962. Last week we…   Read Story »
(This has spoilers in it.) Wouldn't it be surreal and absurd and awesome if Don Draper started solving all of his problems every week with a threatening fingerbang? It could be like Kenny dying on…   Read Story »