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This is the foreign markets Lipton Ice Tea commercial starring Lipton Ice Tea's global spokesman, Hugh Jackman, you guys: Personally, I preferred the print ad. That being said, it IS amazing…   Read Story »
Gabe loves fan fiction. You Can Make It Up features his own personal alternate adventures starring some of our favorite characters. Whoopi Goldberg lay in bed, staring at the ceiling. Every morning,…   Read Story »
It has become very clear over the course of the past year that if you want to make it in showbusiness, you need to let the actor in you take over, and by that I mean that you need to pee your pants.…   Read Story »
And the old global spokesman for Peeing Your Pants. A celebrity gossip blog has photos of Mr. Jackman (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, frequent urinator) on the set of a Lipton Iced Tea Commercial. It is…   Read Story »
As you know, George Lopez is getting his own 10PM talk show on TBS this fall, because apparently 2009 is the year that TV finally tries to kill 10PM once and for all. Between this and The Jay Leno…   Read Story »
This is the Internet. What are you going to do? Stop the Internet? No. You are not going to stop the Internet. I only made it halfway through this*, but don't worry! I paused it and I'll finish it…   Read Story »
Oh babies. With their malleable approach to language and their fixation on the minute bodily functions that govern their day-to-day lives. Of course, within the blink of history's eye, these little…   Read Story »
Ever since X-Men Origins: Wolverine became the highest grossing movie of all time (surprising! also not true!) in May, Hugh Jackman has earned himself a much needed vacation. He is with his family…   Read Story »
Advertising Executive 1: Gene, baby, we've got to get the word out on the streets about the new season of your reality show, and we've got some ideas. Gene Simmons: Hit me. Advertising Executive 2: A…   Read Story »
The UK has these new hilarious commercials for a gentle laundry soap meant for babies (of all things) in which a grown-up dude responds appropriately with weird looks when his middle-aged mother…   Read Story »