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Tom Scharpling, David Wain, Scott Aukerman, Dave Hill, and mooore did an updated cover of "The Super Bowl Shuffle." I bet you did not think that that was how that sentence would end!…   Read Story »
It would have seemed wrong not to acknowledge it.   Read Story »
Oh, please. Give me a break. We're all grown-ups here. Even if you're reading this in the smart phone cubby you've dug into your Intro to College book in the pre-College 101 class that your mom is…   Read Story »
It was quiet, almost too quiet, as Hugh Jackman walked towards the seemingly abandoned warehouse at the edge of town, no noises except his boots scraping against gravel, the occasional dog barking in…   Read Story »
Hey Gabe, you are a full grown adult, do you think at a certain point you will get tired of making fun of Hugh Jackman for peeing his pants, a thing he only admitted to doing in an attempt to…   Read Story »
I don't have any children of my own, YET, hi ladies, but I've done my fair share of babysitting (ALWAYS BE ON YOUR GRIND) and I've seen movies and stuff. The point is: babies, right. Yes. For sure.…   Read Story »
It's always a little uncomfortable when you're hanging out with friends and one of them corners you to talk about something a bit too personal, because you want to be a good friend and listen and…   Read Story »
The big story yesterday was how Al Roker pooped his pants at the White House, and that IS huge and I OBVIOUSLY understand why it was the only thing anyone wanted to talk about. When Comedy 9/11…   Read Story »
Aren't public restrooms disgusting? Well say goodbye to sitting on those yucky public toilets. Now, with Potty Pax, you just use your Potty Pax and then put it in your mouth and jump off a bridge…   Read Story »
When someone pees their pants on stage, we will be there to report it. Haha. "Report it." It's crazy what good journalists we are. We really iPound the e-pavement and leave no BuzzFeed reblog…   Read Story »