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What you're looking at is the first photo of Outkast's (and other things') (but mainly Outkast's) Andre 3000 as Jimi Hendrix in the biopic All Is By My Side. Good job! Looks like if Andre 3000 went…   Read Story »
Pauly Shore is looking for a new assistant. NO WAIT COME BACK! Just kidding. You didn't leave. You don't want that job. Wheeze the juice!   Read Story »
Pauly Shore might sue Sacha Baron Cohen. From the New York Daily News: There may be more trouble brewing for Sacha Baron Cohen. Comedian Pauly Shore is the latest person to threaten the "Bruno" star…   Read Story »
In the words of the immortal Joey Russo: whoa! Pauly Shore, the rich man's Jamie Kennedy (or is it the old man's Jamie Kennedy?) has a new movie coming out called Adopted and it looks insane. Here's…   Read Story »