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Paul Thomas Anderson directed the new Fiona Apple music video. On the set he was probably like, "I. DIRECT. YOUR. MUSIC. VIDEO. I DIRECT IT UP!" Get it? Like in that movie? About milkshakes? Lots of…   Read Story »
This is your first look at Tom Hanks as Walt Disney in Saving Mr. Banks. Hi, Tom Hanks! -SlashFilm Siri is going to be able to buy movie tickets on Fandango for you soon. "Siri, Fandango me all the…   Read Story »
Why wasn't James Franco in The Master? I think that's a question that must've been on a lot of people's minds in the last few weeks, because I know the first thing I thought after seeing that movie…   Read Story »
If you haven't seen Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master yet, you should definitely see it, but first try and figure out a way to own a home with a personal theater and have a 70mm print delivered…   Read Story »
FINALLY, a bunch of Community clips cut in the style of a Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trailer. It's like all the people who do these kinds of things have been asleep for the past three months.…   Read Story »