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And it's by the band Army Navy, and it's over on Stereogum right now. Worlds collide!   Read Story »
Save some money this year with a Guru Pitka costume, already 25% off. Aww. So mean. (Via Paul Scheer.)   Read Story »
Coming to the Indian Head Performing Arts Center, Greg Hendersol presents Entourage: The One-Man Show. Of all the Entourage parodies that have been propagating this season, this is my favorite so far…   Read Story »
This picture, which was obviously taken last night because of Heidi's dress (kill me, please), had better be extremely ironic. This is not going to be a thing: Hey, whatever Human Giant guys, I…   Read Story »
The Line is a web series about fanboys waiting in line for a Sci Fi movie called Future Space, starring The State's Joe Lo Truglio and Bill Hader and directed by Seth Meyers. The funniest episode so…   Read Story »
This past weekend at Comic Con, the Human Giant guys showed up at a Pineapple Express panel and took over the Q&A with questions about Frank Miller, Frank Miller, swords, Superbad 2: Full Throttle,…   Read Story »
Human Giant hero Paul Scheer heard about this experimental sketch show from 1995 called The TV Wheel and posted about it on his blog yesterday. The TV Wheel was created by Mystery Science Theater…   Read Story »
In keeping with the internet-fueled trend of choosing some old random pop culture thing and purposely making it a cult hit (see Rick Rolling), some folks at Funny or Die have seized upon the 1993…   Read Story »
Paul Scheer sent us this exclusive clip from tonight's Human Giant Season 2 finale. It's the continuing story of Gary Cornick, aka "Commander Ch'Kar," whose decision to have his face surgically…   Read Story »
Can you believe the ingenious second season of The Human Giant is over tonight? In this clip from tonight's finale, the guys take the media's obsession with meth, meth in Montana specifically, and…   Read Story »