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Breaking Bad thanks you, Albuquerque. -Vulture Jimmy Fallon, Robin Thicke, and The Roots performed "Blurred Lines" with children's instruments, and it was delightful. (Even though that song is not…   Read Story »
Parks And Recreation Valentines are here! Print them, cut them out, and give to them someone you love. -Butthorn Macklemore & Ryan Lewis get offered a record deal by "Evil Record Executive"…   Read Story »
NYTimes Magazine is calling Channing Tatum one of 2012’s Memorable Men. Look at the prestigious accompanying sketch! Channing, you've arrived. -FilmDrunk 'The Real Problem With Homeland' by…   Read Story »
Paul Scheer made a website to showcase Breaking Bad GIFs. Save it in your favorites!   Read Story »
Alec Baldwin may leave 30 Rock or he may not or he may just be in fewer episodes or the world may end tomorrow no one knows. -Vulture Oh yeah speaking of he also wants to run for mayor but guess…   Read Story »
In addition to looking forward to the Ricky Gervais Show, I am also really looking forward to the Funny or Die show, Funny or Die Presents. Based on the trailer above, they will have an episode of…   Read Story »
Here is a special Christmas song featuring many of your favorite comedians, recorded in what looks like your divorced dad's brand new one-room apartment. You get your own room!   Read Story »
Great news, you guys. Louis's show for FX has been picked up for 13 episodes. Nick Kroll and Paul Scheer are also getting a show on FX. Bartender, a round of high fives for the bar, please.   Read Story »
This just proves that it doesn't matter how famous or successful of a comedian you are, there will never be an explanation for how Hurley and Libby were in the hospital together. Not that Paul Scheer…   Read Story »