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Last night, Nightline did a segment on the romance novel publisher Harlequin's 60th Anniversary, and just for fun, they got famous people to read aloud from various romance novels on camera. Here's…   Read Story »
I'm not really sure how Paul Rudd can still be attractive while dressed up in a big, awkward "Earth" suit and dancing and singing with puppets, but, by golly, he is. And where is his…   Read Story »
The year was 2009. Despite the long Iraq war and the looming Second Great Depression, American young people forgot their troubles by kicking off their shoes and swinging their hips to "The Paul Rudd…   Read Story »
Maybe it's because I watched Role Models again this week (the unrated version, wooo-woooooo, so dirty), but I found this new, not-late-at-all-because-Role-Models-just-came-out-on-DVD-remember mashup…   Read Story »
This weekend's Videogum Movie Club selection, Paul Rudd and Jason Segel's I Love You, Man, came in second at the box office to Nicolas Cage's Knowing (though it still did pretty well.) How is…   Read Story »
Over the past week, I've gradually become convinced that Paul Rudd does the voiceover for this newish Macbook commercial. If it isn't, chalk it up to his recent um,…   Read Story »
It's Videogum Movie Club time again! This week's movie is I Love You, Man (duh). Let's meet back here on Monday to talk about it. Yay. (Remember: keep up with Movie Club selections by following the…   Read Story »
Look: I'm getting Rudd and Segel-tigue at this point, too. I can't wait for I Love You, Man to come out and make lots of money so those guys can rest and we can talk about other things in general as…   Read Story »
Man, everyone is on Twitter these days, right? Every single person. Diddy is on Twitter. Sash Grey is on Twitter. Lindsay is on Twitter. It only follows that there is no one who is not on Twitter.…   Read Story »
No way! I had no idea, and if anyone out there would sadly, pathetically know that information before it was in Time Magazine, I would think it would be me. Sometimes truth is stranger than fan…   Read Story »