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This interview seems like the beginning of some post-Apocalyptic Clive Owen movie where there aren't any women left on Earth because they all died of "vaginal explosions."   Read Story »
This much? Not enough? Be honest.   Read Story »
Paul Rudd. Women want to sleep with him, guys want to sleep with him. The way in which he said Schindler's List alone made 35 women reconsider their current relationships. The ball is back in your…   Read Story »
Here's an article and slideshow about the influence of Star Wars on contemporary graphics culture. Lots of different kinds of nerd stuff going on here I think you're all going to enjoy this.…   Read Story »
As you may have heard, John Goodman has been added to the cast of season three of Community! Remember when he was in Coyote Ugly? Haha yes you doooo. -Screen Junkies Here are a bunch of very…   Read Story »
Here are some pictures from last night's Harry Potter premiere in New York, and also an adorable clip of Emma Watson telling Letterman that she's gotten drunk before. Let's drink together, Emma!…   Read Story »
This year marks the 10th anniversary of the release of Wet Hot American Summer and, as you may know, David Wain is talking about a possible sequel. And now the cast members are saying they'd be into…   Read Story »
Ladies! Today you face your greatest challenge yet! You must ask yourself this: do I still find Paul Rudd with long devilsticks hair, a lumberjack beard, and some stupid-ass knee shorts kicking…   Read Story »
Oh hey, Valentine's Day is next Monday. Great! The most wonderful day of the year! Just kidding. Although, it's a perfectly fine day. Honestly, the only thing more obnoxious than people who go way…   Read Story »
There are lots of reasons why you should watch the new music video for "Moves" by the New Pornographers, which was directed by Tom Scharpling and includes most of the cast of Comedy, but here are…   Read Story »