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Saturday's Holiday episode of Saturday Night Live opened with the New York City Children’s Chorus singing “Silent Night,” an appropriate tribute to Newtown shooting victims. I thought this was…   Read Story »
There has been a lot of talk on the Internet today about Maggie Smith (Downton Abbey's Dowager Countess) leaving Downton Abbey after the third season, but it turns out that was all false. (Even…   Read Story »
Or is it the other way around? This weekend's episode was more like Saturday Night Live with your host Paul McCartney and comedy guest, Paul Rudd. Fair enough. Dude was a Beatle. ("Fair enough. Dude…   Read Story »
Last night, Stephen Colbert gave Sir Paul McCartney the same treatment he gives our nation's unwitting congresspeople in a new, probably short-lived segment called "Better Know A Beatle." McCartney,…   Read Story »