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"I don't know. I feel like the board isn't even that thick? Like, I get that it looks cool or whatever, but we don't even know if it's -- we don't know how solid the wood is, is what I'm saying. It…   Read Story »
"You'll never amount to anything," they said. "You don't have any obvious skills. You're mediocre at sports and I don't even think you like them very much anyway," they said. "It's hard to say…   Read Story »
Schools should replace those smoking animal posters with posters of this guy. They can say, "You might think it's cool at first, like 'Whoa, how does he even do that?' But at the end of the day, you…   Read Story »
You know when you're hanging out at a party and you're bored because you're a jerk and you don't really like fun, apparently, and I don't even know why you're at the party if you're going to stand…   Read Story »
Sure, watching a girl say so many words backwards in a car with her friends for over three minutes is a bit much. You get the point immediately, and watching her say maionese backwards at the two…   Read Story »
Good parties are notoriously hard to pull off. What channel do you put on? How many pizzas do you buy? One? There are probably twelve people coming, do you think they're all going to want their own…   Read Story »
I would never try to take the joy out of your job, sir. I understand that the days are long sometimes, and if you can get through it all a little more easily by putting to use your very well…   Read Story »
When entertaining at home, it can be difficult to keep everyone at your party engaged and having a good time. Especially if it's a party that started too early and now your guests don't know when is…   Read Story »