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No. Can you imagine being invited to a fancy Oscar party like that?! The two people that I would boycott Vanity Fair's Oscar party for, if I'm to be completely honest, are my mom and my dad. If…   Read Story »
The second half of Breaking Bad's final season begins this Sunday, and you know what that means: PREMIERE PARTIES! [Airhorn.] [Airhorn.] [Air-] [Air-] [Airhorn.] While we all prepare to settle in…   Read Story »
Brad Pitt is the subject of the cover article of Esquire this month, talking about whatever it is that Brad Pitt talks about. I'm literally not sure. I could read the whole thing and at the end I…   Read Story »
Ladies, I have some bad news: your favorite living dildo and star of the film Remember Me, Robert Pattinson, is totally that guy at the party. He probably doesn't even say anything as he picks up the…   Read Story »
I know when you were planning your Friday tumbleweed party all of your HUMAN friends were like, "I don't know if this is going to be any fun. Tumbleweeds are literally, like, a symbol of boredom and…   Read Story »
BAD DAD ALERT! BAD DAD ALERT! WE'VE GOT A FOUR ALARM BAD DAD ALERT ON OUR HANDS! From Celebitchy: You’re never too young to party in Hollywood … so says Kelsey Grammer, who took his…   Read Story »
Ah, here we are! Tonight's the night! The 64th primetime Emmy awards! As we wait for the show to begin, let's take a moment to think about how lucky we are to have the whole experience in our future…   Read Story »
Fun party! I think my favorite thing about this party is how safe it is. If anything it's almost TOO safe. A lot of times you will go to these parties and maybe a fight will break out, or someone…   Read Story »
Still not convinced that you should hire Diamond Dave Hosley for your next event in the Bay Area? Maybe you should read some testimonials about how great it was having Diamond Dave Hosley perform at…   Read Story »
It's funny how life is kind of the same for everybody, you know? You think some people have it all figured out, and then you learn that maybe they don't. Nobody really knows what they're doing,…   Read Story »