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Why have I only seen two or three "Wrecking Ball" parodies so far? It doesn't make sense that every day we still get 140 new "Thrift Shop" parodies and so far there's just this "Wrecking Ball"…   Read Story »
We are so starved for a decent summer jam this summer that I will gladly, AT LEAST for today, take Cookie Monster's self control-focused parody of summer jam contender Icona Pop's "I Love It" (which,…   Read Story »
Why don't you and this car insurance commercial just get MARRIED already?!   Read Story »
Uh, so Scott Disick stars in a shot for shot remake of that Huey Lewis scene from American Psycho as some kind of viral marketing for the new Kanye album. You know how it is. (Sidenote: John Mayer's…   Read Story »
God, I love this story so much! You know, just because you're a government employee with the Internal Revenue Service does not mean that you don't know how to cut loose and have a good time. That's…   Read Story »
This PSA, created by the Oregon Dental Association, serves as further evidence that this week is trying very hard to make up for last week. And it's really making some headway! #allmyteethloveme (Via…   Read Story »
There aren't any other parodies of Carly Rae Jepsen's hit song "Call Me Maybe" because there don't need to be any others. Everyone saw this one and put their cameraphones down. "Wrap party!" This is…   Read Story »
No copyright infringement intended, just a big fan! Keep up the good work, guys! (Thanks for the tip, Marty!)   Read Story »
"By 2015, cat videos are going to represent 90% of content on the world wide web." - Dawwwwwn Drawwwwper.   Read Story »
Stephen Colbert parodied the talking vagina commercials, which is hard to do, because, you know, they were already talking vagina commercials.   Read Story »