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Hey, so how about that Chloe Moretz on 30 Rock, right?! Sometimes good, sometimes bad! But a nice addition to the episode overall, I would say. And I was very impressed with myself when I remembered…   Read Story »
Last night, a few members of the Parks and Recreation cast, along with producer and director Dean Holland, executive producer Daniel Goor, and creator Mike Schur, held a panel at PaleyFest, during…   Read Story »
I was only able to watch the second half of 30 Rock last night, because sometimes in life the most terrible things in the world can happen to you right when you least expect it, like when something…   Read Story »
Leslie Knope's campaign slogan is perfect and I enjoy it a lot. Good job, Leslie Knope's campaign slogan! I'm going to miss Parks and Rec when it isn't on TV anymore! It's the best!…   Read Story »
Two of the shows were Leap Day themed! Kind of! That was unexpected! Right? Or did you all expect that and you were waiting all week so you could hear some leap day jokes, because they're your…   Read Story »
OH, WHAT A NIGHT! Thursday night! How about that 30 Rock, huh? Gabe says he hated it and that if it had been the first time he was watching 30 Rock, he would never watch 30 Rock again. "VERY bad," is…   Read Story »
A collection of posters displaying step-by-step moves to all of your favorite TV and movie dances, from the artist Niege Borges. "Ooohh, he should do one with the Robyn dance." -Everyone's…   Read Story »
Lately -- especially in this season -- 30 Rock has felt, to me, unusually tired. They've been doing the same thing every season of their entire lives, and I don't mean that in a bad way because what…   Read Story »
The Office wasn't on last night, replaced by a second new episode of 30 Rock. That was nice! Sometimes you have to be away from something for a little while to understand how much you appreciate it,…   Read Story »
Last night's 30 Rock has been talked about a bunch on the Internet in the past few weeks in anticipation for the show's response to Tracy Morgan's homophobic rant that took place in June. And it…   Read Story »