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Come on, Tiny Darth Vader! We have a lot to get to today! Tell your mom to turn her iPhone on its side so we could get a better look at what's going on here, though that isn't to say that we don't…   Read Story »
Scenario 1: The children don't know what Breaking Bad is, but you, their parents, think it would be hilarious to dress them up as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman for Halloween. While it's not…   Read Story »
Listen, I mean, I know that "children aren't toys." That seems obvious. They are humans and definitely seem like things that you need to be VERY careful around, even when you don't own them yourself.…   Read Story »
I don't know what it is about video cameras that make people think that using them to capture their baby's dangerous activity is going to make their baby not get injured, but BOY OH BOY does it seem…   Read Story »
Dear Mom, I understand the desire to preserve every moment in your child's life. I'm not a mother myself, but I do have tiny cousins and I think many my friends are very cute, so I'm empathetic to…   Read Story »
Not sure how this was originally reported last week and we somehow missed it, all of us, but we are all equally to blame and we all need to learn how to forgive ourselves. In any case THIS (from…   Read Story »
You gotta trust daddy, who may or may not have the time to explain it to you. OBEYING CAN BE FUN! But let's also put the emergency phone numbers on the fridge, just in case daddy gets real busy. (Via…   Read Story »
Whoa. This photo of Angelina Jolie from the upcoming issue of Vanity Fair in which she is whispering into the ear of her one child who will definitely grow up normal and well-adjusted for sure while…   Read Story »
Eli Roth is warning parents not to take their children on his Hostel-themed horror maze. Wait, who are the parents who were going to do that and who also need parenting tips from Eli Roth? Asking for…   Read Story »
I've never had a kid, so I'm sure I just don't understand, but what's the deal with parents not stopping their kids from being jerks all the time? The other day I was on the train and two kids next…   Read Story »