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Oh my goodness. Well. Let's just get into it. The Bravermans continue to refuse to acknowledge or properly mourn the apparent death of their oldest child, Haddie, which I find very odd. At least…   Read Story »
We haven't talked about Parenthood's fifth season at all yet, but things are mostly business as usual: Haddie is a ghost and you can feel her presence throughout each scene that takes place in her…   Read Story »
Parenthood's fifth season begins on Thursday, September 26th. A MONTH+ AWAY! Uggghh, I want it nowwwwuh! How is Crosby?! Is the Luncheonette still okay? Has the beautiful adopted boy chilled out at…   Read Story »
You never do know what life is like for other people. Even the expression to "walk a mile in someone's shoes" doesn't come close to describing the difficulty of genuine, meaningful empathy. Because…   Read Story »
Here's Joaquin Phoenix and Martin Short on the set of Inherent Vice. They have fun. -ONTD Ray Romano is returning to Parenthood and will have a "major presence" next season. Good, but, remember…   Read Story »
What is Richard Branson's day-to-day like, do you think? -Dlisted NBC announced this weekend that Seth Meyers would be taking over for Jimmy Fallon at Late Night. He and Lorne Michaels talk a bit…   Read Story »
Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby will open Cannes this year. What time are you guys thinking about getting there? We should see if we can get on the same flight. -TheWeek Emma Watson isn't going to…   Read Story »
Nothing like sitting back at the end of what has seemed like a particularly long week, going over what happened in your head, what didn't happen, what could have happened if only you said or did…   Read Story »
Holy moly, so many things happened in the final episode of Parenthood's fourth season last night! It was as if Jason Katims woke up in a cold sweat the night before writing the script and thought,…   Read Story »