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Benedict Cumberbatch had this message for the paparazzi who were camped out outside of Sherlock's set in Cardiff, Wales, over the weekend. SWOON! Ugh, ladies. It's so nice when someone who you assume…   Read Story »
WHAT A NIGHTMARE. Imagine for a moment that you live in a small town and recently broke up with your boyfriend. You feel like everyone knows, everyone is looking at you in the grocery store, people…   Read Story »
"[Your name here] left her house around 1PM dressed in unflattering baggy jeans and a very large winter jacket, sans makeup. (Click here for a closeup of her skin.) After dropping laundry off at…   Read Story »
Keanu Reeves has been appearing in movies and TV shows for almost 30 years, since he was 20 years old, so you would think that by now he would understand that as a public figure people will regularly…   Read Story »
Yuck, well, so, the big photograph going around today (each day has its own "big photograph," no doy, let's continue) is this one, from the New York Daily News, of Alec Baldwin allegedly "punching" a…   Read Story »
This is a paparazzi photo of Kate Hudson walking with her friend, Matt Bellamy, in what is clearly a very strong contender for the title of Mr. Cool Disguise. Hahahhaha. Uh, take it easy, Matt…   Read Story »
Last night, I did a show with my good friends Max Silvestri and Gabe Liedman in which we debated the merits of New Hollywood vs. Old Hollywood against another team of performers made up of Dave Hill,…   Read Story »
If you look up the word "COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE AND ALSO SUPER EMBARRASSING AND OH MY GOD TURN IT OFF" in the dictionary there is an embed of this YouTube of Anne Hathaway "rapping" about the…   Read Story »
Oh brother. His face barely even looks dry from the last time. Well, here we go again, I guess. Internet, START. YOUR. PHOTOSHOPS. The helmet is a nice touch, though. If nothing else, it will allow…   Read Story »
Earlier this week, Sandra Bullock left her house for the first time (really?) since the public implosion of her marriage to drive to her money manager's house (haha, sure, to drive to her money…   Read Story »