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There was very little drama in the last season of Top Chef, with the exception of the drama of whether or not Hosea's head would actually transform completely into a giant thumb or if it would just…   Read Story »
A friend told me last night that this was the second to last episode of this season's Top Chef. I don't think that's true. But at the time it made sense. There were only five chefs left going into…   Read Story »
For the ladies! For the fellas!   Read Story »
Robin would like everyone to know that she is really happy how Restaurant Wars worked out last week. Uh, no-doy, Robin. You rode the chef's-coattails of your much more talented teammates to one more…   Read Story »
It's amazing that we are in season six of this show and they only just realized that Restaurant Wars is a ridiculous and outlandish test of absolutely nothing. "You have 45 minutes to make this…   Read Story »
As we do every week, we learn a little bit about the chefs before they go in for the Quickfire Challenge. We learn that Eli is a momma's boy, and that Robin does yoga because cancer. Seriously, I…   Read Story »
You have to give Top Chef some credit. We are already seven episodes into the Las Vegas season and they are only just now introducing the slot machine? BRAVA. "We can't just use a slot machine," said…   Read Story »
Some day it has been so far! You don't even know the half of it. Literally. If someone were to cut this day in half and introduce you, you'd be like "nice to meet you, stranger." Huh? Whatever.…   Read Story »
This is Las Vegas, baby! It's just like they always say: what happens in Vegas can be rehashed into a corny reality competition theme a billion different ways. It's all about strippers and vices and…   Read Story »
You can tell that the competition is starting to wear the chefs down. Ashley's older brother had a baby, but she couldn't be there because she is in Las Vegas cutting carrots into fake poker chips,…   Read Story »