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So, I've been thinking a lot about this whole pea puree thing. I mean, I haven't. I haven't even thought about it once. I'm an adult, with an adult life to lead. Let's all try and keep things in…   Read Story »
We didn't get to talk about last week's episode, and maybe that's for the best. WHAT WAS THAT? First there was the nonsense Quickfire Challenge twist when everyone had to trade off their "Crazy…   Read Story »
Angelo is sitting with Tamesha out in Lemon Square but he's clearly not sitting close enough, so he moves over and sits closer. Closer. That's better. He's giving her some kind of insane pep talk…   Read Story »
Let's get right to it because last night's episode was a real bear of a show, and I don't mean bear in the sense of a beautiful wonder of nature grabbing fish right out of a crystal clear stream to…   Read Story »
The contestants are shaken, SHAKEN after last week's harrowing elimination ceremony. Relax, contestants. Seriously, there are, like, a million weeks left to go. So many challenges. So many…   Read Story »
Ah, here we go. It is only week two of the competition, and yet, as the contestants get ready for their day, with the shaving and the pushups and the butter, already they are starting in with the…   Read Story »
The last season of Top Chef was good, but it was decidedly lacking in drama. Everyone was just very talented, and respectful of each other's talent. Well, OK, maybe not Robin. But almost everyone was…   Read Story »
Oh, look, photos and basic information on the contestants for the upcoming Washington DC season of Top Chef. Make it work! Right? Make it work!   Read Story »
And so here we are. Much like in the popular Hollywood movie, The Hangovers, we end up reunited, mostly intact, right where we are supposed to be, with nothing but a hazy collection of memories to…   Read Story »
The final four chefs have had a few weeks to recuperate from the stressful rush of the first 12 weeks (or however many days they actually take to film this show, four?) before coming back to compete…   Read Story »