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First of all, let me apologize to all of the contestants on Top Chef: All-Stars except for Jamie for my digression last week about the inexplicable pride chefs place on working through severe injury…   Read Story »
I guess there's no house this season? Or is there a house? They don't show the house very much. I know this isn't Top House, I'm just saying that this week's episode opens with the chefs walking…   Read Story »
Whoa. After all of these years of watching Top Chef, and especially in the middle of the past two middling seasons, because let's be honest, that shit was middling, I never realized that it was all…   Read Story »
The season finale (part two, I guess?) picks up exactly where last week's left off, with the chefs being called back to Judges' Table immediately after the elimination of Kelly. OMG, what could it…   Read Story »
Excuse me, but has Top Chef forgotten 9/11 already? Our country was attacked! Now the enemy is trying to build a TERRORIST BREEDING CAMP right next to the World Trade Center Sbarro's, and Top Chef is…   Read Story »
As the chefs are getting ready for another episode, Kevin is trimming his sideburns and talking about how nervous he is. You should be nervous! It is almost impossible that Kevin has not gone home…   Read Story »
You know, I'm not a huge fan, personally, of self-congratulatory awards ceremonies funded by an industry in order to perpetuate its own market dominance, and last night's Emmys were no exception, but…   Read Story »
As this week's episode opens, Ed is wandering around the house in one of Tiffany's dresses. Everyone, Tiffany especially, finds this hilarious. Is it just me, or is anyone else amazed that in 2010…   Read Story »
I'm going to be honest with you, because honesty is important: I didn't pay very much attention to last night's episode. I had stuff going on. It happens. We're all adults here. There's no crying in…   Read Story »
In the preview for this week's episode, everyone gushed about how it was finally "Restaurant Wars," and how the reason everyone is here is for "Restaurant Wars" and this week Padma says "It wouldn't…   Read Story »