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"An anonymous genius is Photoshopping the heads of celebrities onto 19th century portraits of Russian generals." -TheAwesomer Jimmy Fallon & Friends: Cupid's Arrow Dating Service…   Read Story »
Padma Lakshmi has launched a line of jewelry for the Home Shopping Network. For the sophisticated lady who wants to look like a beautiful reality show competition judge and who also buys her…   Read Story »
Man, I still just cannot get over that John Travolta and Oliva Newton-John music video. I've watched it so many times! Like, a ridiculous amount of times. I don't even want to say how many times. It…   Read Story »
It used to be that every American had a personal story about where they were when they found out that John F. Kennedy was shot, but slowly over time, every single person who was alive in 1963 died…   Read Story »
SPOILER ALERT: I'm done with this show. This will be the last Videogum recap of Top Chef, boo hoo, I'm sure, but I am also just done as a person. Everything comes to an end. It was nice while it…   Read Story »
Now look. We're all adults here. So we all recognize that in the real world, THINGS HAPPEN. And as far as a recap of this week's Top Chef pre-season finale-finale is concerned, SOMETHING HAPPENED.…   Read Story »
The finale! Just kidding! The first of the last 100 episodes! This season is interminable. Call your cable provider and ask them to STOP carrying Bravo. Seriously, guys, don't you have other shows?…   Read Story »
Historically, in writing Top Chef recaps, I would try and come up with a fun headline. You know, just something kicky and fun. Maybe some wordplay. Maybe a pop culture reference. Something about the…   Read Story »
My apologies in advance for how boring and self-serving this first paragraph is going to be, but can I just say that my DVR has not properly recorded an episode of Top Chef in months, which means…   Read Story »
Remember when Charlize Theron was on last week? That was so great. I wish she was still here this week. Oh! There she is! Charlize Theron comes into the stew room where everyone is discussing…   Read Story »