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Sam Raimi’s Oz the Great and Powerful opens this weekend, and good news, they are already working on a sequel! That was sarcastic but maybe we'll all like this one and then it WILL be good news.…   Read Story »
And features paintings the actor/student/inaugural poet created based on the movies he has recently been in? There is a painting of spring break and a painting of THE WIZARD OF OZ? Come on, James…   Read Story »
Someone fixed the Do No Harm billboard! Much better. -FunnyOrDie 10 Plot Suggestions for the Entourage Movie -TheWeek Watch Nick Kroll play a young Billy Joel -TheStrut Kirsten Dunst gets…   Read Story »
There are a lot of trailers this week, you guys. Which is great news for the trailer heads out there. (Although I suppose if you were a real trailer head, you would have already watched each trailer…   Read Story »
You would think, what with the Comic Book Convention of 2012 and everything, that there would be more HIGH PROFILE movie trailers this week, but the only real big one is The Wizard Of Oz Franco. But…   Read Story »
FORGET EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT JAMES FRANCO! Forget his review of Girls. Forget his 100 undergraduate degrees. Forget his short stories. Please do not look at the following image of James Franco as…   Read Story »
At this very moment, there are nine Wizard of Oz projects (mostly films) "in the works," and that is crazy. Let alone the fact that there have already been so many Wizard of Oz projects in the past,…   Read Story »