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Which meth dealer would you be? Hmm? Answer the question. Which one? The link here has some GIFs to help you choose which one, but it seems like it shouldn't be that hard of a question. So. Which one…   Read Story »
Hey, where the heck were you guys today in the Thursday TV open thread? You guys not watch TV last night? What were you doing instead? Huh? Enjoying the kind of unseasonably warm weather, if where…   Read Story »
The story of Universal's Ouija Board: The Movie has been quite an emotional roller coaster ride for all of us. When we first heard about it back in January of 2011, we were all on board. "Oh my…   Read Story »
My god, remember the Virgin Diaries kiss from a few days ago? That was just the best. I still don't fully believe it, to be honest -- how COULD I? -- but I want to believe it. And I do love it. So…   Read Story »
It was a dark day in August, right on the heels of the announcement that Universal had dropped our second-favorite Hasbro board game movie idea Monopoly: The Movie, when we heard that Universal…   Read Story »
What a week! First, our hero Ryan Gosling stopped a fight. THEN, there was an earthquake for some of us. THEN! Jim Carrey was so gross! AND NOW! Some of us are going to at least be rained on a lot!…   Read Story »
Back in January, it was announced that Universal was planning a film adaptation of the Ouija board (very good already), directed by McG and produced by Michael Bay, and everyone was VERY EXCITED…   Read Story »
From the HollywoodReporter: McG has won the contest for the gig to direct Ouija for Universal and is now in negotiations. The studio's planned film adaptation of the classic Hasbro board game…   Read Story »