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In the aftermath of the NBC late night melt-down that resulted in Conan O'Brien being forced out of The Tonight Show, Jay Leno has begun his whistlestop tour of image rehabilitation. First stop,…   Read Story »
So, as you probably know by now, Oprah has announced that she is leaving her talk show after next season. This morning, she made it official with an on-air announcement in which she explained the…   Read Story »
Look, let's be real for once. Regardless of who you voted for in the last election--John McCain or that TERRORIST--or which political party you believe has the best ideas to lead our country through…   Read Story »
Nikki Finke is reporting today that Oprah will continue to be on TV but on a different station than she has been on TV for a long time. WHOA, STOP THE PRESSES VICKI VALE! In other stunning…   Read Story »
I know that the philosopher Christopher George Latore Wallace once wrote, "mo money, mo problems," but I think that he got it wrong. It's more like, "mo money, mo ridiculous lawsuits that really…   Read Story »
This is the Internet. What are you going to do? Stop the Internet? No. You are not going to stop the Internet. I only made it halfway through this*, but don't worry! I paused it and I'll finish it…   Read Story »
No matter how bad things get in one's life, there is always the held-out hope that they will eventually get better. We all dutifully push our own shopping cart through the falling ash as we carry our…   Read Story »
The 1.2 trillion dollar lawsuit against Oprah has been dropped. The plaintiff, Damon Lloyd Goffe, will have to get back into his ice cream tree and tell all the owls there will be no Picnic this…   Read Story »
Fair is fair. From WENN: Oprah Winfrey is facing a staggering $1 trillion legal battle over allegations she passed another author's work off as her own. The TV titan, one of America's highest…   Read Story »
Angelina Jolie balled her bone white hands into fists, power surging off of them in blue waves of electromagnetism. Her eyes closed to squints and a fire ball blasted out of them, shearing off the…   Read Story »