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The safe bet after last week's fiasco would have been to post an Anne Geddes photo of two babies dressed as pumpkins. "This one says goo goo and that one says blah blah." Nothing quells a controversy…   Read Story »
John Travolta flies Oprah's audience to Australia for some reason. Haha. Sure. Too bad she didn't give them free cars again, too, so that they could at least run themselves over. (UPDATE: RELAX,…   Read Story »
This Zach Anner thing has legs. (Sorry.)   Read Story »
Zach Anner, the Internet's sweetheart, answers some user questions from Reddit and is very charming and funny. It is becoming increasingly clear that an Oprah-style show of his own may not even be…   Read Story »
A woman named Dr. Phyllis surpassed Zach Anner in the competition to be the next Oprah by collecting more than 300,000 votes in less than 20 minutes. The trolls at O-Chan are the worst!   Read Story »
The Internet's newest "hero," Zach Anner, gives us just a taste of what his travel show would look like. I'm still not sure how I feel about this whole thing, but I would probably watch this show…   Read Story »
Last week, Oprah launched an on-line contest to find the next Oprah, which is just CLASSIC Oprah. The winner of this contest will ostensibly get his or her own talk show on Oprah's new network. OK!…   Read Story »
Roger Ebert, who is the best, will be on Oprah this afternoon, which I am sure we will all leave work to watch if we haven't called in sick already. But this preview clip in which he demonstrates his…   Read Story »
Oprah's show today was filmed on a set made entirely out of chocolate. The magic of television! These guys loved it. When they saw the set they were like, "that's reasonable!" Details about this…   Read Story »
Well, America, it all comes down to this. Who will walk off the field victorious? Will it be some stupid CGI e-Trade baby, or, like, a pair of tits with Go Daddy written on them in ketchup or…   Read Story »