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This weekend, Stephen Colbert was on a show on Oprah's network, OWN, called Oprah's Next Chapter, which is weird, and in this clip he talks about developing the "Stephen Colbert" character.…   Read Story »
Wow, what a great week we've had! It was Valentine's Day, a wonderful holiday that no one hates, and then it was my birthday! The BEST holiday that everyone loves! AND NOW IT'S FRIDAY! Ugh, I can't…   Read Story »
Poor Oprah. Remember when she said that thing about not eating meat, then the meat industry was mad at her or whatever? And now this! Apparently her network OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network by Oprahs…   Read Story »
Please read this article about 1/3 of the audience storming out of the Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie showing at Sundance. You will like it! -EW And the movie is apparently also available…   Read Story »
Warming Glow has dug up a clip of Joel McHale talking about Christmas gifts suggestions on some TV show in the '90s. His hair is terrible and he looks like Corey's older brother on Boy Meets World!…   Read Story »
Zach Anner's long journey from Internet celebrity to television show host comes to its inevitable conclusion next month with the debut of Rollin' with Zach, his travel show for the Oprah Newtwork.…   Read Story »
Sure, whatever. In other news: Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi is dead and so are all those animals.   Read Story »
As the week comes to an end, the first thing everyone wants to do is relive it all over again in GIFs. We know that! So after the jump are all of this week's best GIFs, and the top rated GIFs of the…   Read Story »
The stadium was packed and all of the celebrities were waiting backstage with their tearful tributes. This was it! After 25 years as a member of Blockbuster Video, Oprah was officially bringing her…   Read Story »
Yesterday, Oprah ended her 25-year-old daily talk show. She must be getting bored of civilian life, because today she is already getting up in other people's business. From an official press…   Read Story »