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In honor of Andy Warhol's birthday, which is today, the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh is broadcasting a livestream of his grave. As he said, "Every livestream gets its fifteen minutes of buffering…   Read Story »
What is this, Lindsay Lohan day? No, it isn't! Lindsay Lohan day (Lindsay Lohan's birthday) was July 2, and we missed it. What a bunch of swell friends we are. Today isn't that day, though, it's just…   Read Story »
The first footage from Divergent, the Shailene Woodley-starring Hunger Games-like franchise that isn't for us because we are adults, was released at Comic-Con. Want to watch it? No one will judge…   Read Story »
Look at Oprah, man! She is just like fuck it, I'm getting in the bath. What time is it? JK who cares what time it is. I'm getting in the bath either way. Oprah is like, It doesn't matter what time…   Read Story »
Someone has already Photoshopped a shirtless Vladimir Putin riding the Russian meteorite. The Internet works fast. -Uproxx Harrison Ford In Talks To Reprise Role Of Han Solo -NewNowNext Feast…   Read Story »
Just for laughs: A video of Anderson Cooper & Emmitt Smith testing out a leaf blower in each other's faces -AndersonLive Jimmy Fallon & Brian Williams Slow-Jammed The News last night, and…   Read Story »
Chuck Schumer Breaks Out Eagle Podium, Dumbledore Impression At Inaugural Luncheon (Not actually serious, but a pretty good gag for all the Potter-heads.) -HyperVocal Conan O'Brien shows us only…   Read Story »
Joan Rivers does her best imitation of an upskirt photo with a weird mouth pillow and posts it to Twitter. All systems normal! -@Joan_Rivers Lindsay Lohan looks for her phone (a suspenseful and…   Read Story »
Finally an answer to the age-old question of if an entire television channel exists and none of us watch it or remember that it exists unless we read about it on Deadline, does it still continue to…   Read Story »
I know that Terry Richardson is a very successful commercial photographer who gets selected by pretty much every magazine on a rotating basis to photograph every celebrity to make them look like they…   Read Story »