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Some mornings, even after you get to work, it's hard to really feel like you've left the land of the asleep and at peace and entered the land of the awake and stressed out. "I took a shower and had a…   Read Story »
What, do we think we're better than watching this weatherman blooper? We're not better than this! We can try to pretend that we don't want to watch this weatherman blooper all we want, but when it…   Read Story »
Hey ladies! How are you? Not so good, right? Tell me about it. It has been a difficult week to be a woman. Kind of like you keep waking up to the same weird old-timey Twilight Zone nightmare and…   Read Story »
I'm sure she's fine! Listen, I'm sure she's fine. Kids bounce back. Touch the stove once and then you never touch the stove again. You know? You know what they say. Smoke the whole pack of cigarettes…   Read Story »
I'm not a big sports girl, but I do understand that something happened in sports last night. I'm not trying to brag. It just happens that, first, I walked by a restaurant last night that had a group…   Read Story »
I guess it rained a lot on Montreal yesterday so a bunch of the sewers were exploding? I'm a journalist and what you just read was journalism, so get used to it and you're welcome. But, to get back…   Read Story »
At least I don't think it is. This just came over the wires (I'm going to keep saying that about YouTube) and I got to be the first view: some sort of French commercial for a fragrance for men called…   Read Story »