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7-year-old Maxwell Hinton was diagnosed with cancer, and a Make-A-Wish Foundation style foundation (because I guess Make-A-Wish Foundation is the Kleenex or Band-Aids of cancer patient…   Read Story »
Ted Williams, you guys. America's #1 bum. He was reunited with his 90-year-old mother yesterday. (She said that she hoped he wouldn't disappoint her this time. EEEEEK!) Last night he appeared on Late…   Read Story »
Over the weekend, ABC News did an interview with Phil Davison about his Internet stardom. Aww. He seems nice! And dumb! And completely insane! And weird! And confused! And out of his depth! But nice!   Read Story »
You would be the first to admit that your girlfriend has a bit of a temper. You know that, of course you know that. If she can't have her way, if, for example, a woman at a McDonald's drive-thru…   Read Story »