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I've still got snow on the brain, which is mostly my fault, but it's partly because there is nothing else going on out there today. Do you want to watch a teaser for the fifth season of Community?…   Read Story »
Uhhh, I think you should check on your boyfriend, Ryan Gosling. It looks like something is wrong. Let him know I say hi! -Ain'tItCool Here is an interview with Eugene Mirman. Speaking of, have you…   Read Story »
The other day for no real reason, I was thinking about NYC Prep and wondering why they never did a second season, since certainly there are other unfortunate teenagers' lives for that ghoul, Andy…   Read Story »
It's very hard to have sympathy for people on reality TV because it's 2009, and we all know what the rules are at this point. Perhaps in an earlier time, let's say in a pre-Joe Millionaire world, it…   Read Story »
Huh. You know the Peggy Lee song, "Is That All There Is?" It's a pop cultural examination of jaded disappointment. Back when it was released, in 1969, the year I turned 35, it re-kindled Peggy Lee's…   Read Story »
Yay! It's finally happening! Tonight is the season finale of NYC Prep, and hopefully maybe just finale finale if we're lucky. It was not cool sitting next to you in biology this year, have a terrible…   Read Story »
Why are Jessie and Camille cross-eyed? They are both so cross-eyed! Obviously, who cares, God didn't make no junk*, but at the same time, if you knew you were going to be on TV, don't you think you'd…   Read Story »
Ugh, Fashion Week. I don't care about Fashion Week when it's actually happening, much less long after the fact as a backdrop for an exploitative summer replacement basic cable reality show about…   Read Story »
I will give the children of NYC Prep this: they are very poised and "adult" on camera. High school students are, for the most part, sloppy spazz-attacks, flailing around all over the place with their…   Read Story »
When the women of the Real Housewives, or anyone on any VH1 show ever, are forced into bizarre social situations (think the traditional final episode dinner party on Housewives, or the Real Chance at…   Read Story »