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Recently, I'd been thinking a lot about the 1997 David Fincher movie, The Game. (Immediate sidebar: 1997?! That movie is 15 years old?! Gahhhh, we are all turning to dust!) That movie, I'd been…   Read Story »
Hollywood is now developing a live-action/animation hybrid Alf reboot movie. The working title is No Duh, Of Course. It's going to be so great. America's teens are like "Oh man, I'm going to sell my…   Read Story »
I hate it. Tear it down. There are people in third world countries who don't even have rooms and you've used this whole room up for a joke? "I'm sorry about your dysentery but check out these mint…   Read Story »
Worlds have always been had colliding throughout the ages. Admittedly, this picture is a little intense because at first you're just like, Fuck Yeah Childhood Dot Tumblr Dot Blog! But then you sort…   Read Story »
After some nerd on the Internet got mad that Mark-Paul Goselaar dared to be halfway honest about a garbage show for children from 100 years ago, now he's talking about how proud he's always been.…   Read Story »
I don't claim to be up on EVERY trend. The world is constantly turning, MTV is constantly creating and abandoning superstars, just kidding, I know MTV isn't on anymore, and in fashion one day you're…   Read Story »
It has been years and years since Reh Dogg became THEIR generation's Antoine Dodson with his hit single, "Why Must I Cry," which in Internet time is centuries and centuries. He might as well be an…   Read Story »
The original intent of the Louis C.K. Promise was and remains to highlight his comedy wherever it may be found, but if your honor will allow it, I submit Louis C.K.'s yearbook photo as relevant to…   Read Story »
The long wait for a useless piece of junk that doesn't even hover is finally over. Hey that reminds me, how are those ugly $3,000 shoes holding up? Great? Best shoes?   Read Story »
This is just a very good collection of Got Milk ads from the ages. Gary Shandling! Jonathan Lipnicki! Billy Zane's THE SHADOW!?! #DONDA   Read Story »