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Norm MacDonald went on Letterman last night and did his Norm MacDonald thing. That's all anyone really needs to know at this point: Norm MacDonald is simply still the best late night TV interview…   Read Story »
One of my friends is always talking about Norm MacDonald's speech at the 1998 ESPY Awards, and yesterday Deadspin happened across it and put it up. I'd never seen it, but it's really funny --…   Read Story »
If you missed Norm MacDonald's final appearance on Conan before the big move last night, it was a classic example of why Norm is Conan's most memorable guest. When Norm shows up, he's less like a…   Read Story »
You don't have to be a comedy nerd to know that Norm MacDonald's roast of Bob Saget was the best non-election-related thing on TV in 2008 (full video at that link.) But even better than the roast, or…   Read Story »
Thanks to tipster Randi, I learned today that the real Norm MacDonald is a new member of Facebook, and that he (or his Facebook Intern) is accepting friend requests from just any old person. Like me!…   Read Story »
The CC Insider has dug up this post-roast afterparty interview Chris Hardwick did with the Genius Norm MacDonald, in which he refuses to break character, calling parts of the roast "fightin' words"…   Read Story »
Fresh off his genius, sure-to-go-down-in-history-forever roast of Bob Saget, Norm MacDonald went on Leno last night to promote some upcoming stand-up appearances. Norm hit all the topics of the day…   Read Story »
There were three types of jokes made during last night's mostly disappointing Comedy Central Roast Of Bob Saget: 1. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen sexual jokes. 2. Gay jokes. 3. Jokes about Cloris…   Read Story »