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Dear Clay Duke Surveillance Tape, For those who don't know who/what you are, you are surveillance camera footage from a school board conference room in Panama, Florida, in which a mentally…   Read Story »
Stop. Perfect. Everyone looks great now. (Via Urlesque.)   Read Story »
Yesterday's news that 2012 has been indefinitely postponed was a total bummer. I'm not saying that I want the world to be destroyed in a nightmarish cataclysm of fire and death, but once you get your…   Read Story »
First I was like "uh" but then I was like "UH!"   Read Story »
"What? That normal thing? What about it?" -- Everyone. (Via TheDailyWhat.)   Read Story »
You know those nightmares that you have sometimes that wake you up in the middle of the night, but remain vague and diffuse and hard to recall? Your forehead is beaded with cold sweat and your…   Read Story »
As you can see, instead of another photo of Mel Gibson, whose stupid dumb face we have seen far too much of this week, I have embedded a photo of Senator Christopher J. Dodd and Representative Barney…   Read Story »
There really isn't much left to even say at this point. The fourth installment in the Mel Gibson Audio Tapes 2010 is just as incredible as the last three. Once again, he makes horrifying blowjob…   Read Story »
Remember back in late April or early May when day after day they kept increasing the estimates of how much oil was spewing from the hole in the ocean, and at a certain point you were like, "Holy…   Read Story »
HELP! HELPHELP! HELPHELP! (Thanks for the tip, Ben.)   Read Story »