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Close your eyes. Imagine drifting to sleep in a big, nice bed -- like the kind of bed you'd find in a fancy hotel that is specifically known for its nice beds. You wake up well-rested and ready for…   Read Story »
The Hollywood Reporter did a new profile of Joe Francis after he was recently found guilty on three counts of false imprisonment and one count of assault (!!!) and it seems like our old friend is…   Read Story »
Just this past weekend, as a matter of fact, I was talking to someone about Los Angeles and they said the city made them uncomfortable because whenever they came to visit and drove down the city's…   Read Story »
This video's going to be a bit upsetting so maybe it's best that we take a few minutes to think of some more comforting things before we get to it. Ummmmm, ok here we go: Spiders. Seeing a spider…   Read Story »
To you, being covered in bees while performing a dance for the Internet might not sound like a nice way to spend your sunny afternoon. The loud buzzing of swarm ringing in your ears, the tiny furry…   Read Story »
Sunlight streams through your window and wakes you up, warmly, before your alarm has a chance to go off. You feel well rested and ready for a full, productive day. What's that -- do you smell coffee…   Read Story »
One time I took a martial arts class--WHATEVER, you went to a pimps and hoes party in college and you don't see me teasing you about THAT--and the teacher or sensei or whatever was talking about…   Read Story »
This is a video of thousands of spiders hanging from telephone poles in Brazil, and it is the first thing I saw this morning, and I'm sorry but there is no way I was going to let myself suffer alone…   Read Story »
After the first few days of this you start to think, OK, hell isn't THAT bad. Sure, it's annoying and absurd, but at least there aren't any red hot pokers up my butt or whatever. The first year…   Read Story »
Eeeeeek! How horrible! Uhhh...At least you're not in a three-day traffic jam? Something about the traffic in LA, and abou how sometimes it rains there? Something about how we all willingly enter into…   Read Story »