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At this past weekend's SAG awards (the winners of which you can find here), an Access Hollywood reporter spoiled season three of Homeland for Jennifer Lawrence, in front of Damian Lewis. The reporter…   Read Story »
The first footage from Divergent, the Shailene Woodley-starring Hunger Games-like franchise that isn't for us because we are adults, was released at Comic-Con. Want to watch it? No one will judge…   Read Story »
The Lab has an excerpt from an interview Bryan Cranston did with Nicolas Winding Refn, mostly about Drive, and it's a worthwhile read both because it is a pretty small excerpt and because we like…   Read Story »
As we all know very well, "first looks" are some of the most exciting little morsels of Hollywood news to ever fall out of the ever-hungry, ever-so-secretive movie mouth that is Hollywood™. "What…   Read Story »
A friend of mine has a joke he says after he sees a movie, and that joke is to say to the person he's with -- "So, what do you think happens next?" Hahah. It's not like a joke you'd see a comedian…   Read Story »
Drive! DRIVE! So? Did you see Drive? You were supposed to see Drive. If you haven't seen Drive yet, put your computer in the trashcan and go see Drive. We'll wait. So? Did you see Drive? Sorry that…   Read Story »