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Every looks great in these character posters for American Hustle. I mean, Christian Bale looks paricularly not great, but everyone else? Except for Bradley Cooper? Everyone else looks great, except…   Read Story »
There are few more beautiful portraits of the human condition in all of its glory and misery than a black and white video of Nicki Minaj twerking alone in a swimming pool in complete and utter…   Read Story »
Enough is enough! I have had it with these m*therf*cking IRL snakes on this m*herf*cking IRL plane to Australia! -FilmDrunk A nicely executed Venn Diagram of Movie Quotes -CollegeHumor 12…   Read Story »
Bradley Cooper is rocking that middle part! Or as we called it in my day, "the butt cut." (Bringing you all the important Bradley Cooper Hair News since at least 2012) -Dlisted Michelle Williams…   Read Story »
Last week, we had the privilege of watching a tiny British princess named Sophia Grace rapping Nicki Minaj's hit "Superbass" pretty much perfectly, no matter what ANYONE says about how she maybe…   Read Story »
I can't even believe how much cooler this princess is than I am. First of all, she's a princess. (And not a pregnant princess if you know what I mean! #gossipgirl #blair) Second of all, she has a…   Read Story »
Funnily enough, this reminds me of another Nicki Minaj song: "I'm the Best." (Thanks for the tip, werttrew and Ian.)   Read Story »
I have mixed feelings about Jesse Eisenberg's Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network. On the one hand, his portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network was…   Read Story »
This video was directed by Mariah Carey's husband, Nick Cannon, who is clearly wilding out for the big Target account. That is how advertising works, right? You just copy a three-year-old ad campaign…   Read Story »