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"MORE SAND!"- Mason Disick -SurisBurnBook Retta regales us with some opera (with a twist!) -CONAN Bill Murray's 2012: The Life Exotic -HyperVocal MTV icons Kurt Loder, Tabitha Soren, and Matt…   Read Story »
You're looking at a verrry close-up picture of Nick Offerman's moustache that was taken by Rob Huebel. -@robhuebel Hey! You! Quit whining and put on a goddamn coat. -TheWorldsBestEver 75 Years…   Read Story »
Dave Hill is the most recent participant in Vulture's ongoing "Pop Culture Memory Lane" video series, and in the video he talks about a gross thing that is very gross and I think you are going to…   Read Story »
Nick Offerman's Parks and Recreation Ron Swanson mustache is currently up for auction to help out pediatric cancer charity. Do you want it? If so, why? If you have a reason why, are you sure? If you…   Read Story »
Bad news for Snow White fans who were looking forward to another Snow White re-imagining coming out kind of soon: Disney has given up on theirs, which was to be titled The Order of the Seven. Ugh.…   Read Story »
Last night, Adam Scott, the DREAMBOAT, appeared on Letterman and talked about the time he and Nick Offerman did a weird thing at a college campus. And we all fell in love with him all over again.   Read Story »
Amanda Seyfried's Lovelace poster was released today. What do you think of it? Looks like a poster, right? For a movie? With a girl in it? I bet Lindsay Lohan is fuming!  -Collider Oooh, now's…   Read Story »
Hey, did you know that the AV Club is doing another installment of their "creator of a show walks us through the show" series with Justified creator Graham Yost? I didn't, until today! Here's part…   Read Story »
Here is FilmDrunk's weekly roundup of movie posters. A post that makes us ask, "How many Avengers posters does everyone in the world really need?" And a post that answers, "close to, but a little…   Read Story »
Will Ferrell and Nick Offerman were on the fourth hour of the Today show today, and they had bloody marys, and it looked kind of perfect. Love those guys. -Buzzfeed Oh no! Bear Grylls was fired…   Read Story »