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Of course this hits the Internet two minutes after the Best Viral Videos of 2011 montage goes up. Oh well. THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY. (Thanks for the tip, Gideon and Jane.)   Read Story »
It turns out this one thing happened, and then there was this guy who saw, and also $20. So there ya go!   Read Story »
Hey, Gary, the foreman says that if you got time to lean you got time to sing beautifully. And the sign in the breakroom reads: "Your mother doesn't work here, so clean up after Gary. He's busy…   Read Story »
Did you eat hot dogs yesterday? Well, you did not eat enough hot dogs. You might as well have not eaten any at all if you're not going to really TRY. Joey Chestnut tried. Joey Chestnut tried and…   Read Story »
You could describe this video two ways, either "the New York Police Department blows up 5,000 pounds of illegal fireworks," OR "great video." Every day is Independence Day, am I right, ladies?…   Read Story »
It turns out that guy who tried to get a good old patriotic "USA!" chant going a couple weeks ago with ZERO help from the tree-hugging homosexuals of Jew York City (it's not offensive if it's TRUE)…   Read Story »
As many performers will tell you, doing crowd work can be very difficult. Even a simple call-and-response question to an audience like, "How are you doing tonight, ladies and germs?," can be met with…   Read Story »
After the jump, I have posted a video of a man traveling on a New York subway with a pet rat on his shoulder who abruptly places the rat's head in his mouth, shakes the rat all around, and then…   Read Story »
After the jump, I have posted a speech from New York's 9th District Representative, Anthony Weiner, a democrat, expounding upon a Republican-sponsored bill that would redefine the definition of rape…   Read Story »
Some dude found an undeveloped roll of film in Prospect Park and made a charming video in an attempt to track down the original photographer(s). The whole thing seems a little fake (oh Internet, you…   Read Story »