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Up and at em, Monsters! Today, we don’t get the pop culture blogger we need, but the one we deserve. I’m Huckabeast. I used to comment a lot, but then I started working more and I can’t comment…   Read Story »
According to the Internet, today is Star Wars Day, whatever that means. The most wonderful day of the year, I'm sure. In honor of this important occasion, I have posted a photo of adults celebrating…   Read Story »
Last night's late-breaking news that Obama Bin Laden is dead was important to be sure, but it really overshadowed the other exciting news: that Mayor Tommy Carcetti is on Game of Thrones! Of…   Read Story »
A documentary about teenage magicians is already a pretty incredible concept. Teenage magicians! Surely, if there is a caste system within the nerd community, then the teen magician is ranked even…   Read Story »
Well, little girls, I guess this is it! I've gotten in trouble for saying this before, but I don't like the Harry Potter movies that much. DEAL WITH IT DOT GIF. They just seem like rather bloodless…   Read Story »
Now you, too, can smell like a chaotic evil halfling-elf priest.   Read Story »
Hahahaha. MuggleMatch.Com. Oh brother!   Read Story »
High-five, you guys. That’s me, Shellbomber, on the right. Who knew an afternoon of browsing for bedazzled Sidekick covers in Union Square would end in such excitement? And not just for the two…   Read Story »
What's better than Zelda meets John Hughes? Trick question, class--you can't name anything better! If only this were a real movie... You're welcome, Nerds!   Read Story »
Headphones UP: How are videos like this not just their own TV station yet? I'm not joking. I've never played a game of World of Warcraft in my life, and for that matter, I've never played any…   Read Story »