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Listen up, GEEKS! Have you ever wanted to be as famous, appreciated, and admired as the cast of the Jersey Shore? And have you ever wanted to go on a reality show specifically looking for geeks under…   Read Story »
That looks pretty good! But, Pop Candy wrote up a review of the two-part special that airs this Sunday and points out that the show spends a little too much time making fun of the people on it, which…   Read Story »
Charlize Theron is beautiful and a famous actress. Good for her. But, in the run up to her new movie, From The Mind Of Diablo Cody's Young Adult, she now also enters into that Elite Pantheon of…   Read Story »
Someone has broken down the meaningful statistics (body counts, explosions, etc) in Michael Bay films. Beautiful Mind 2: Beautifuler Minder, I'm sure.   Read Story »
Oh, the hoverboard. Sometimes I almost wonder would it not be better had Back to the Future 2 never been made? In some multiverse existence Steven Spielberg has never offered us this poison pill, and…   Read Story »
After noticing that last week's episode aired out of order, Community nerds lit up ALL the nerd zones (chat rooms, glasses repair shops) with alternate timeline theories. But today Dan Harmon took to…   Read Story »
If you grew up anywhere from the time of 1985 until the time of today, Back to the Future is your favorite movie. Right? I think that's generally how it works. "I really love Sympathy for Mr.…   Read Story »
Saying "the nerds are mad about Star Wars" is basically the same thing as saying "the nerds are." Being mad about Star Wars is the nerds' constant. But, you know, guess what. The nerds are mad about…   Read Story »
Wanted to get this posted first thing because the video is 75 hours long, and Jon had trouble getting it all to fit on one so part 2 is here, so actually it is 78 hours long. This way, everyone has…   Read Story »