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Yes! This show! Such a good show! The scene in last night's episode where Tyrion tells Mr. Clean not to threaten him and then Mr. Clean is like "two can play at the putting a pinky finger on the door…   Read Story »
Ladies, I'm so sorry. Your masterpiece! It's ruined! From ContactMusic: The director unveiled a 3D version of his multi-Oscar winning classic last month (Mar12) and he resisted the temptation to…   Read Story »
In case you were wondering whether or not Francis liked the ending of Mass Effect 3, let him clarify that for you. Headphones UP! You'd think that with nearly three entire minutes dedicated to…   Read Story »
Here is a 15 minute supercut of a Star Trek character being continually told no and/or being made fun of. (Note to non-nerds: you do not need to be a nerd to enjoy this.)   Read Story »
I'm so excited for you. It's all finally happening. Ever since you met Greg, things have just been like, AHHHHH, crazy! It's all moved so fast, and OK, yes, some of us were worried in the early days…   Read Story »
The long wait for a useless piece of junk that doesn't even hover is finally over. Hey that reminds me, how are those ugly $3,000 shoes holding up? Great? Best shoes?   Read Story »
I know we all hate public marriage proposals. None of us have a different opinion on them, certainly none of us have ever done them or had them done to us, and sometimes we can't get to sleep at…   Read Story »
Haha. The video game Silent Hill II was clearly designed to take place in the school from Kindergarten Cop. Easter egg for the supernerds. Who is a bigger nerd, the nerd who designed this or the nerd…   Read Story »
I'm sure that this video is simply interesting to Videogum readers from an anthropological standpoint ONLY and in absolutely no way does it strike any nerves or appeal to a lot of people's ideas of…   Read Story »
For as much talk as there is about how the Internet is free for everyone, that's not entirely true. For one thing, getting onto the Internet is a costly and/or smelly activity. You could go to a…   Read Story »