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After some nerd on the Internet got mad that Mark-Paul Goselaar dared to be halfway honest about a garbage show for children from 100 years ago, now he's talking about how proud he's always been.…   Read Story »
Whoa! Hahhahah. "Whoa!" Well? That was pretty great, right? This is a good show, guys. I feel like SOMEONE has to be the first one to say it. The whole season kind of felt like a middle-ground season…   Read Story »
I'm pretty sure the Drake (feat. Lil Wayne) song "HYFR" was about this week's episode of Game of Thrones. Such a good episode! Obviously, there was the epic battle, but also Queen Cersei revealing…   Read Story »
Everyone is 15 at some point. That's not entirely accurate, I guess. Like, dead babies aren't 15, but is that really how you want to start the day? Nitpicking over dead babies? Come on. Let's just…   Read Story »
Looks like everyone bought those industrial stockpiles of cold mud for nothing. Back to work! (Via Neatorama.)   Read Story »
It's starting to feel like the TED Conference, whatever that even is, is losing steam. At a certain point in our nation's glorious history, it made sense to have an annual gathering of brilliant…   Read Story »
I'm not trying to brag, but I read the first three Game of Thrones books about 10 years ago. LADIIIIIIIIES?! That being said I couldn't for the life of me tell you today what happens after the first…   Read Story »
The Reddit community got the guy who got farted at on Game of Thrones to FINALLY break his LEGENDARY silence about what it was like to get farted at on Game of Thrones with questions like "Are you…   Read Story »
In the video posted after the jump, yo-yo master Tomonari “Black” Ishiguro performs a new trick he invented in which he does the classic tablecloth trick perfectly using only a yo-yo. What?…   Read Story »