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There were a lot of interventions on last night's How I Met Your Mother. There were interventions for alcohol abuse, the wearing of a funny hat, the performing of too many magic tricks, speaking with…   Read Story »
Last night's HIMYM premiere cemented the show's status as Friends with drinking. It's not can't-miss and still has surprising moments, but, well, nobody really cares who the mother is anymore, do we?…   Read Story »
The Emmy's, you guys. Love those Emmy's. Such a celebration of incredible television. Barf. Is the catchphrase "for me to barf on" still available? That's still available, right? Lindsay is currently…   Read Story »
Yesterday I noticed that Hulu added a ton of full episodes of Doogie Howser, M.D. to their free library over the weekend. The show holds up surprisingly well, but the episode titles are hilarious.…   Read Story »
Yay, Variety reports that Harold And Kumar are coming back for a third installment, making Harold And Kumar a trilogy like the Lord Of The Rings: Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, who wrote…   Read Story »
Neil Patrick Harris continues his multi-platform world domination tour with an appearance on Sesame Street, where he plays "The Shoe Fairy," and sings a song about different kinds of shoes. It's…   Read Story »
Via Towleroad, the TV commercial version of Neil Patrick Harris's print Old Spice ads has finally been revealed, along with the fact that NPH can even make Old Spice seem cool because he's MAGIC.…   Read Story »
Joss Whedon and his brothers made a 36-minute sci-fi musical during the writer's strike called Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, starring Neil Patrick Harris in the title role. It's coming soon (in 3…   Read Story »
TV critic Alan Sepinwall moderated a special panel for Emmy voters yesterday featuring most of the cast and creators of How I Met Your Mother, which, despite a disappointing finale, should still be…   Read Story »
Last night, How I Met Your Mother earned its Two And A Half Men lead-in timeslot (snap!) with what was indisputably the worst episode ever. Britney Spears made her second appearance as Crazy Abby, in…   Read Story »