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Luckily when Daniel is older and he and his friends are trading stories about their bar mitzvahs "I made a 'save the date' rap video" is probably going to be fairly commonplace. "Mine had Ne-Yo and…   Read Story »
It's hard to stay true to yourself creatively when you have a constant chorus of people telling you what you're doing is not very good. With that in mind, you really have to hand it to Saturday Night…   Read Story »
1. Introduction: From nearly the moment the theater darkened, I realized that a movie about the complete destruction of a city on the Pacific Ocean was maybe not what I was in the mood for and that I…   Read Story »
I remember playing some old Playstation game one time about World War II where the first level is storming the beaches of Normandy and then you make your way through Nazi Germany and probably kill…   Read Story »
Ne-Yo's video for "Miss Independent", you guys: I don't think anyone told Ne-Yo that Mad Men was a show set in the '60s and that that's not what offices are like anymore. He just saw an episode in…   Read Story »